Without Guilt, Blame, and Worry

December 12th – 16th 2012
(for Turkish press

Halaskargazi Cad.
Hüseyin Hilmi Paşa İşhan
No.153 Kat.1
Şişli, 34340 İstanbul

Wednesday the 12th of Dec 2012 from 10.00 am
to Sunday the 16th of Dec, 2021 at 16.00.

English – with translation to Turkish

900,-TL/ 500,-$/ 390,-€

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Arnina Kashtan (Israrel)
Vivet Alevi (Germany/Turkey)

Accommodation will be in hotels in Istanbul at extra cost
(or private stay in the NVC community. We can support participants in finding accommodation).
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The Connecting-Parenting Seminar
for Parents & Educators

Have you tried EVERYTHING – asking, using force, begging, giving up
– but almost every day it is STILL NOT WORKING?

Do you KNOW that you want the best for them
– but THEY resist it?

Why is this happening?
Because SOMETHING is missing in the connection
You don't always know what YOU actually want… (or what THEY want)
You many times find yourself blaming them… and then feel guilty…
You worry for their future – and miss the present…
 Is there anything else you could do? YES!

What will you get at the seminar?
-  An in-depth exploration into your most painful thoughts,
   which block you from freely connecting with yourself – and your child
-  Practical, logic, and effective tools – to overcome most obstacles
   between you
-  Skills for understanding and handling challenging situations & conflicts

What will you come out with from the seminar?
-  A new understanding of yourself, your child, your spouse
   (even the teacher…)
-  A natural and revolutionary way to lead the relationships at home or
   in class – with mutual respect & care
-  A clear guide to becoming the model, inspiration,
   and true support for your kids

Five Days of Exploring, Discovering, Crying, Laughing,
Falling in Love - with yourself and your child -
AND realizing how much FUN is waiting for you!!!

Then – you are invited to participate in our workshop

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Educators, Parents, and Caring Adults - do you also wish to support building a community that aims at nourishing the vibrant minds
and hearts of children, while contributing to creating a compassionate and peaceful world?

Join us in our mission of creating
Caring Communities of Learning !

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